Our industrial water treatment solutions come with years-long operational practice and engineering expertise. Having worked in various sectors, we know the utmost importance of understanding the unique circumstances of our clients. Our solutions are not only to provide qualified items but also to ensure reliable services even after our given warranty time.


New Boiler, Installation and Servicing:

  • We’ve Scopes of Boiler Servicing, Chemical Cleaning, and Sourcing and supply of New Boilers.
  • We focus on overall efficiency and quality steam generation from Boilers and to ensure this we believe in trustworthy technologies around the Globe.
  • You can call us for Boiler Installation, Steam Pipeline, Burner Tuning, Three-way valve installation jobs.


Customized Fabrication of:

  • Pressurized and Non-Pressurized Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boiler Feed Water Tanks
  • Condensate Recovery Tanks
  • Steam Pipeline Works
  • Cooling Line Works


Wastewater treatment is purifying the effluent water by removing some of its containment. This process’s purpose is to make wastewater either suitable for reuse or to discharge back into the environment. Wastewater reuse projects utilize effluent water for beneficial purposes other than the initial use.

Wastewater is the only water resource of which volume increases proportionally with economic development. 


Domestic water treatment is an essential infrastructure requirement for human health and livelihood. Household water treatment takes place at the point of water collection rather than at a centralized location. Its primary focus is to improve water quality and reduce harmful chemicals in the water.

The WHO estimates staggering 60% of the population has to endure unsafe drinking water, the nation is in danger. The availability of this water greatly fluctuates throughout the year. 

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